Monday, 31 October 2011

Angel Delight

Yesterday, whilst procrastinating and looking at knitting patterns, I stumbled across this beautiful (and free) pattern for an angel. So I decided to knit one, and see what came of it. I am so very impressed so I thought I would share it all with you. They take about an hour or so to knit, including the wings, and a little sparkly DK. So here is my version. The one in the picture is going to my Great Aunt, along with a jar of my homemade mincemeat (she provided both the jar and the apples!!) who I will see tomorrow when I go and pick up my granny. The other angel is a surprise for my granny who has been hinting that she would like one too!!

In the background to this angel is my favourite candle holder. I bought it in a cool January in the South of France at the Basilica of St Mary Magdelene in St Maximum and I absolutely love them. Whenever I light a candle, I like to think that these two ladies are looking after the people I light the candle for and take worries away

So I hope the angels will look after you tonight

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