Monday, 20 February 2012

In Stash we Bust

I can safely say...Yes! Lots of it for that matter!! This week has most definately been a productive one, especially where my stash is coming from because I had an organising week. I sorted it all out into its new homes (a laundry bin for the DK and a box covered in airplanes for the rest of it) and now I have a great list of all of it, weights and amounts. Fabulous.
Now what I am going to do with it? Well I was originally knitting a lot of baby bits and pieces, being inspired by my baby nephew (who is over the 8 pound mark now-yay) and our first cuddle two weeks ago. But this has been put on hold for stash busting, and later this week, shawl and veil knitting. 

I used this pattern yesterday to knit a hat for the Blattman, and he wore it all night so Im guessing he likes it. This is a ravelry pattern so you have to sign up to see it, and frankly you need to. If you are a knitter and not on ravelry, you have problems!! The picture below is from the pattern itself and not mine, mine is knit in Life Aran in Parchment.

Hats are great for stash busting, you can get one or two from a skein and normally three from 2 skeins and they are quick knits and you feel really productive which is always a winner.

This week for our Lent Prayer shawl KAL/CAL I am intending on knitting the half lace chapel veil in black for our trip to Rome hopefully this year, so I can cover in the presence of the Pope. Its going to be a nightmare I think but Im going full Lace, and hopefully the prayers in it won't just be for me to finish the row without a mistake!

Also on my mind this week... The Six Wives of Henry VIII by Alison Weir and new Revlon Scented Nail Varnish in Watermelon Fizz

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Love is like a dove..or a big fuzzy glove

Happy St Valentines Day all!! Hope we are feeling the love today, and if not, know that I love you followers dearly!!! Also 10 points for people who can tell me what tv shows I have quoted at some point in this post. So today is merely a post to share what my hubby bought me for Valentines Day- and this is not only a bragging post everyone, but also a bit of a review, and the item is under £6!! (in fact if you buy on Amazon its under £4) What more could you want on Valentines Day?

So here is the lovely book I got

All You Knit is Love: 20 Patterns for Romantic Handmade Gifts

I absolutely LOVE it, its just so cute. The patterns have been made famous by the Knit and Purl Greetings Cards and they are just the cutest things. Including Toad-ally in love with you, Hot Stuff chilli peppers and Ha-pea Valentines, they are such fun knits and would make great gifts for any love related event, or just to give someone a little love. There are also patterns for gingerbread bride and groom, swans, chicks, matches (that actually fit in a match box) and many more- 20 patterns in fact. Only one issue is that part of the Chilli Pattern is missing, and when I find a link to the change I will post it for those of you who own the book and need a hand.

I also got some bullets from the Somme from a friend of mine, and maps of the trenches, but  thats a whole other story.

Now you lot clear up whilst I go dismantle Love Land

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Happy Birthday Dan!!

Today is my husband's Birthday, he has reached the grand old age of 26 (a whole 3 weeks before me, making him my sugar daddy!!) So today we went out for the day to celebrate. We normally go to a museum or attraction for our birthdays, but today was much more off the cuff because we didnt know if I had a day off until yesterday!! Today we went to Greenwich, and visited the observatory (you can thank Professor Brian Cox for that- and Dara O'Brein isnt getting off lightly either) and the National Maritime Museum

This is the Royal Observatory and the Meridian Line from the bottom of the hill

This is the view from the top of the hill, you can see Docklands from here, including Canary Wharf, and the Royal Navy College in the foreground. Bit of snow left but it actually wasnt that chilly.

The O2 from the top of the hill

So Happy Birthday to my Gorgeous Husband, and heres to many more!!