Monday, 17 October 2011


On Saturday I learnt that my Brother and his girlfriend, who is expecting their first child, will be having a preemie. Unfortunately her placenta is not feeding the baby properly, and because of this it is not safe for baby to go to 40 weeks. So it looks like the BlattNiece or Nephew will arrive at between 30-32 weeks gestation so will definately be in the NICU for a while.

Premature babies are so very tiny, and the clothes sold in the shops are just too big. Since this baby will be small at 30-32 weeks, it will be even smaller than the average baby of that gestation because of the feeding issue so we are looking at a baby of around 2lbs. Luckily it has an auntie, and grandmas that can knit for it, and it can be cosy and safe in handknits full of love as it grows.

So this has lead me to knit a few bits and pieces that can be used for the baby, but as well for the other babies in the NICU who need a little handknit love. Here are my latest ones, and to size it, in the picture I have placed an AA battery next to the little shoes.

If you can knit, one of these little hats took me around 45 minutes to make, and the micro preemie shoes around the same. They take no time, and are made from acrylic as it is easily washable. I will be knitting a few in all different colours so they can be used by all.
Here is a link to Ravelry for all the free preemie patterns on there, so knit one and donate it. It takes no real time and you are helping out a little someone who needs it.

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