Thursday, 23 June 2011

Yesterday I learnt that my Grandfather has stage 4 cancer that has spread. My grandfather is the one man who has been a constant in my life throughout and has always been proud and supportive of me. He is a wonderful man and I know I am soon to lose him, which is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, and probably ever will. I have this picture from our holiday around 6 weeks ago and I love it. I feel it is a fitting picture, and it includes my Granny, who has stood by his side for 52 years.

Christmas in the Blattcave!!

Yes, it is June, I am aware!! But I still need to knit for Christmas now, because, trust me, if I dont start now it will be 2012 before I get them done, and by then ill have more patterns I want to knit, as well as a new family member to knit for. Here is my little elf made for my baby nephew, arriving later this year. I say nephew but we dont know yet, so you might see a picture of a little pink version too!!!! This little guy came form Jean Greenhowe's Christmas Treasures book.
And also here is a little snowman, this time from Jean Greenhowe's Little Gift Dolls book and was really easy and quick to knit. Lots of christmassy fun! what more could you want in this rubbish rainy weather!

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Howdy Partner!!

So I am back to knitting for a little while. I saw an Alan Dart Panda pattern in the current issue of Simply Knitting and knew that I had to knit him for a christmas present. I know its still June but if I dont start now, Ill never get it done!!! I like to make a handmade gift for everyone so this means I have to start early. So that is how WingWang came into the house (three guesses which of us thought of that name!!!) He even comes with his own little stick of Bamboo!!

So knitting my little Panda (i say little he is nearly a foot tall!!!) has got me into the knitting so I decided to finish off another Christmas present that has been sitting upstairs without a face or a hat since March. (I never add a face until all the other bits are attached-im wierd I dont care!!!) He came along quite nicely and I am very happy he is done. So my little cowboy is done. He is a Jean Greenhowe Knit from the book Storybook Knits, and I really enjoyed kntting him, as I do with most of her patterns.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Knitted Market Bag

This bag was another of my projects in the last month, using dishcloth cotton so it was pretty cheap too. The pattern was from Knit Today and I added a lining to it in some of that orange gingham that is making quite a impression on this blog. I have quite a lot of it, luckily, and It is great for this kind of project. It was knit holding the yarn double so it is really durable too. I have always wanted to knit one, but normally the patterns are in the round. This one wasnt, and was really great to knit.

My Lovely New Dishcloths

Being a swap mod on Rav means I get to have fun swapping all over the world. We have just finished up a dishcloth and postcard swap, and I was lucky to have 2 fab partners this time, one from Queensland and one fromWinchester, Virginia too. Here are the pics of the cloths (pics arent the best quality but that is the photographer, not the camera).
 The first one is made from 100% Bamboo in blue and green and it is the softest thing ever!! It even has a little handle on the corner so I can hang it, although at the moment it is going to live somewhere where I can just touch it! So much work, not sure I can use it. Which is exactly the same as the second one, which not only came with postcards but also a lovely bookmark from Princeton. People who know me say I will never leave University so this was most appropriate!!! The cloth has a beautiful pattern, like a lovely column effect and I am determined to make one too it is inspiring!! Thankyou to much lovely swap partners for these lovely cloths! You are both Fab!

Newest Projects!

I fancied making a few bits and pieces last weekend and I actually remembered to take pictures this time!!! thought I would share these with you now, although I hope to take more if I can find my camera charger I havent seen since we came back from France. St Anthony might be getting a few tasks from us this weekend!! 
First is a pair of market bags made from some gingham cotton from my stash. Really easy and hope to do a tutorial when the camera issue has been sorted

These are some lavender bags made with lots of scraps I had leftover. They are all different sizes and made with local kentish lavender. I do stuff them with some toy stuffing first then add about 3 teaspoons of lavender for a great scent, and moth busting qualities. I tie them up but do not knot or sew them so the lavender can be replaced when they no longer smell. These are really easy, maybe a little tutorial for these might arise

Lastly some really cute little frogs, a picture the Blattman has titled "the Frog Army" although these little frogs were not behaving and I was lucky to get as many as I could standing up. These are from the Jean Greenhowe book "Jiffyknits" (you can find links here)They are so fun, and each one has its own character. They are created from garter stitch strips (as is the rest of the projects in this book) so great for any knitter to learn.

Happiness is Homemade

I wanted to share this special picture my granny made for me, it says Happiness is homemade and it is going in our very newly decorated hallway- thanks to my wonderful Blattman

And in celebration of my Mum and Dave's wedding just over a month ago, if anything says happiness to me its this picture