Sunday, 30 January 2011

Fingerless Mitts

These are some brand new fingerless mitts, the pattern is for the mitts themselves, the paw pads are from a lions brand pattern, so you can search on Rav or lions brand for those. These have been knitted for my little sister, and inspired by their cat Monty Moonshine, who is a little grey kitten!!

Ok so here we go again, hope you love them!!

You will need:
3.25mm needles
3.75mm needles (if you need a bigger mitt for hands then go for 4mm needles instead)
DK yarn of your choice, (you will probably need about 50gish but to be honest I havent weighed these) I have used 3 colours here because I didnt have enough of the darkest grey so I used 2 shades of grey and one of pink- pick any colours you fancy)
Tapestry needle

sts- stitches
K- knit
P- Purl
st st- Stocking stitch (knit one row, purl one row)
Rib- (K1,P1) across the row

Pattern (make 2 or how ever many hands you have!)
Using 3.25mm needles, cast on 42 stitches (if you want to go bigger, you can, use an even number of sts)
Rib pattern for 18 rows
Change to 3.75mm needles and a contrast colour
Knit 1 row
Change to other colour
St st for 26 rows, ending with a K (RS) row
Rib (k1,p1 across row) for 4 rows, ending on a P (WS) row
Cast off in pattern (K1,P1)

with the wrong side facing, sew up the seam using a tapestry needle, leaving a gap in the seam at the side for the thumb. Turn them the right way round and wear them and keep warm! Hope they brighten up your otherwise grey winter

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Camera Cosy Pattern

So my mum is one lucky lady and won a new camera just before christmas, but as we all know in winter they can get all kinds of chilly, plus my mum's handbag is most definately one that may belong in Mary Poppins wardrobe so it had to be very bright so here is what I came up with.
So this is pretty much a great stashbuster, as you knit only 4 rows in each colour, so you can use any colours you fancy. So if your little camera is a bit chilly, or for that matter any small gadget, (it also fits my husbands blackberry, and my blackberry style phone!) then this is a great little knit. So here goes

You will be needing:
4mm needles
3.75 crochet hook (for button hole, if you cant crochet then Gaugeplait some strands to make the button hole)
7 different colours of DK wool (you can use less and make a pattern instead, totally up to you)
Tapestry needle

sts- stitches
st st- stocking stitch (knit one row, purl the next)

Cast On 28 sts on 4mm needles
St st 4 rows in each of the 7 colours ( this gives you a total of 28 rows)
Cast off in the last colour you used.

Making up
Fold in half with the wrong side facing out.
Sew up the main seam using the colours you have used (I leave quite a bit when I change colours and then use these ends to sew up)
Sew in the ends
Sew up the bottom seam with the long seam in the centre back
Turn the right side out

Crochet a chain of 15 links with a 3.75mm hook (or make a plait with 3 strands of about 3 inches)
Sew to the inside seam at the back of the work
Sew a button ono the bottom of the second colour stripe from the top.
Put your camera in and do the button up

Hope you all have nice cosy cameras!

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Traffic Cone

Happy New Year!!! To celebrate, the first pattern of the year is my little traffic cone.

Here's the pattern

Needles- 3mm
Yarn- DK scraps, orange and white (i had a remarkably bright orange in my stash for this project, but who says cones have to be orange) and a strand of black for his face
Gauge- not really important, but make sure that the needles you use are smaller than those recommended to make a tight fabric
Other- tapestry needle, stuffing,

With orange yarn, Cast on 30 stitches
Starting with a Knit row, stocking stitch 2 rows
Next row: *k2tog, K8* to end (27 sts)
St st 2 rows
Next row: *P2tog, P7* to end (24 sts)
St st 2 rows
Next row: *K2tog, K6* to end (21sts)
Change to white yarn, St st 2 rows
Next row: *P2 tog, P5* to end (18sts)
St st 2 rows
Next Row: *K2tog, K4* to end (15 sts)
St st 2 rows
Next Row: *P2tog, P3* to end (12 sts)
Change to orange yarn, st st 2 rows
Next Row: *k2tog, K2* to end (9 sts)
st st 2 rows
Next row: *p2tog, p1* to end (6 sts)
K 1 row
Cut, leaving a tail of yarn to sew up, thread through the remaining 6 sts on the needle and pull tight. Sew up the seam of the cone, leaving the bottom open.

With Orange, cast on 15 sts
Garter stitch 25 rows
Cast off

Stuff the cone lightly (he doesnt need a bulge) and sew the bottom of the cone onto the base. Embroider the face onto the cone and you have a little traffic stopper. Hope you like him.