Thursday, 16 June 2011

My Lovely New Dishcloths

Being a swap mod on Rav means I get to have fun swapping all over the world. We have just finished up a dishcloth and postcard swap, and I was lucky to have 2 fab partners this time, one from Queensland and one fromWinchester, Virginia too. Here are the pics of the cloths (pics arent the best quality but that is the photographer, not the camera).
 The first one is made from 100% Bamboo in blue and green and it is the softest thing ever!! It even has a little handle on the corner so I can hang it, although at the moment it is going to live somewhere where I can just touch it! So much work, not sure I can use it. Which is exactly the same as the second one, which not only came with postcards but also a lovely bookmark from Princeton. People who know me say I will never leave University so this was most appropriate!!! The cloth has a beautiful pattern, like a lovely column effect and I am determined to make one too it is inspiring!! Thankyou to much lovely swap partners for these lovely cloths! You are both Fab!

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