Sunday, 19 June 2011

Howdy Partner!!

So I am back to knitting for a little while. I saw an Alan Dart Panda pattern in the current issue of Simply Knitting and knew that I had to knit him for a christmas present. I know its still June but if I dont start now, Ill never get it done!!! I like to make a handmade gift for everyone so this means I have to start early. So that is how WingWang came into the house (three guesses which of us thought of that name!!!) He even comes with his own little stick of Bamboo!!

So knitting my little Panda (i say little he is nearly a foot tall!!!) has got me into the knitting so I decided to finish off another Christmas present that has been sitting upstairs without a face or a hat since March. (I never add a face until all the other bits are attached-im wierd I dont care!!!) He came along quite nicely and I am very happy he is done. So my little cowboy is done. He is a Jean Greenhowe Knit from the book Storybook Knits, and I really enjoyed kntting him, as I do with most of her patterns.

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