Wednesday, 16 May 2012

POTD: Impossibly Large Impossibly Simple Shawl

Hi All!! Happy Wednesday!!

Today's POTD is the Impossibly Large Impossibly Simple Shawl and they do not lie. This is a great beginners Shawl. It is normally knit on 10mm needles, but for the Picasso one I have made below, I used 7mm needles. You knit the shawl and then on the last row of the pattern, before you cast off, you drop a stitch across the row in the pattern. This stitch drops creates the ladders and makes the shawl even bigger. There is an eyelet pattern up the centre and around the edge of the shawl too.

This is a lovely pattern and I have made 3 of these so far, and I love them. They can use any weight of yarn and really any size needles, maybe 4-5 sizes bigger than recommended. You can also see the lovely pattern that comes from this beautiful yarn, it is made with the same yarn as my feather and fan blanket. I just love its softness and its patterning. I cannot wait to use the blue version I have of this yarn too- just need to find the right pattern for it.

Have a great day all!!!

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