Thursday, 8 December 2011

Be Happy

I love to read other blogs. I could spend hours browsing years of posts, learning and laughing along. Being still in the aforementioned Slump, I found a great post that inspired me to write this one. Be Happy is something that makes us all look at the good things. Basically, 5 things that make you happy! In this festive time of thanksgiving and christmas, I think it is the best time to consider the things that make us happy.

Number 1: My Family and Friends
I completely couldnt survive without them. My lovely Mum and all of the family on my side, and my lovely In-Laws. We have had a tough couple of weeks, as the Blattman's cousin died suddenly aged only 30, and although this is an awful experience, it was nice to see how a family comes together and supports each other,. We did the same when my Grandad died and it is a reminder how family can be the best thing. The picture below is from our wedding (obviously-as much as Id love to wear my dress every day, I dont!) and is of us and our parents (and step-parents)

2. Knitting

How could this not be on my list?!! I love knitting and actually do it every day, it is my addiction and I am never going to give up!!! My name is Sarah and im addicted to knitting. It relaxes me, it calms me, it challenges me and I have met so many new friends from around the world with thanks to my knitting. What more can a girl want?

3. My Wonderful Husband

4. Christmas
I know I know, not more Christmas, but at least it is December this time. I am loving christmas, but I am getting a bit stressed now. I have a few presents still to finish off and still to buy but I am getting stressed, and I hate it. I love this festive time of year and I want to enjoy it. I will share lovely pictures of my christmas tree soon because we have put it up and the Blattcave is looking decidedly festive. I ahve all my lovely candles burning, my nativites up and my tree is twinkly.

5. The Dentist
No I am totally not one of those people who enjoys the dentist. In fact, I am petrified and hate every minute. But the reason that today the dentist makes me happy is that by the end of the afternoon, when I have finished up with the dentist it will be another 6 months till I have to go again!!!

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