Friday, 18 November 2011

One Slump or Two?

Now as the title suggests, I am in a slump! Ive been working very hard on knitting patterns and recovering from my tooth removal nearly 2 weeks ago that I have done pretty much nothing. And it is driving me nuts!! Totally round the bend. I am not a person who likes to not be doing anything, and I have lots of unfinished projects on the go that could really do with finishing so I have been trying to look for ways to kick me back out into the real world.

One way I love to try and pick myself up is shopping. Of course!! However, this close to christmas money isnt necessarily available for the frivolities, so I am off to shop my stash. Now for all of you who dont know what this is, you need to do it before you go shoppping, or like me, you need a little inspiration. Shopping your stash is getting out all your bits and pieces, whether it is make up (like I did last night), clothes or wool and crafting, and having a good old sort out. Last night I shopped my make up stash, and found a fab lip gloss I have never used because I wasnt sure, put some on and I love it. It is so brilliant and I guarantee you will find something you forgot you had. (unless you are one of those uber organised people who knows where it all is- good for you)

Another way to drag myself from this hole is looking at blogs. I love the blogasphere, so many people to do things you were afraid to do, or give you advice on how to do something new! I have found a couple of great bloggers this week that I want to share with you all. You might not be into makeup, as I wasnt, but I have got good advice from them both, not just about makeup


The first brilliant Blog is Katie's Beauty Blog. Katie reviews all sorts of make up and beauty products. Her pictures are brilliant and she reviews like a normal person. Which means she gives practical advice and normal language- how it really works.
Her review on Models Own Beetlejuice Collection is blooming brilliant, and helped me pick some for my christmas list. (picture comes from Katie's Beauty Blog)

Her review on moisturising changed my view completely and when I find it whilst reading Ill post a link but it is hiding from me at the moment.

Another brilliant Beauty blog is Fee at Makeupsavvy and her reviews are equally as good. But my favourite posts have to be her behind the scenes. Her latest is about affliate links and it is so so good for anyone who is a blogger. I have learnt so much from her and I cannot recommend this website and particularly this post for this information.

Some more of my favourite blogs at the moment include athriftymrs where fashion, decluttering and fun can all be found, and I am always envious of her brilliant charity shop finds! Charlotte at Teacher in Style has recently got her first Mulberry, the way she has written it makes you just as excited with her, and her christmas spirit is well and truly as alive as mine. And again, Its all fiddle fart is a brilliant crafting website, so many ideas, its hard not to be inspired!

Hope you like the new festive look to the Blattcave, i just loved this starry background. The bricks and mortar Blattcave is not nearly as festive right now, but I am so looking forward to decorating and making it warm and cosy. The christmas scented candles are already creeping their way in!!!
Sleigh safe everyone!

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