Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Love is like a dove..or a big fuzzy glove

Happy St Valentines Day all!! Hope we are feeling the love today, and if not, know that I love you followers dearly!!! Also 10 points for people who can tell me what tv shows I have quoted at some point in this post. So today is merely a post to share what my hubby bought me for Valentines Day- and this is not only a bragging post everyone, but also a bit of a review, and the item is under £6!! (in fact if you buy on Amazon its under £4) What more could you want on Valentines Day?

So here is the lovely book I got

All You Knit is Love: 20 Patterns for Romantic Handmade Gifts

I absolutely LOVE it, its just so cute. The patterns have been made famous by the Knit and Purl Greetings Cards and they are just the cutest things. Including Toad-ally in love with you, Hot Stuff chilli peppers and Ha-pea Valentines, they are such fun knits and would make great gifts for any love related event, or just to give someone a little love. There are also patterns for gingerbread bride and groom, swans, chicks, matches (that actually fit in a match box) and many more- 20 patterns in fact. Only one issue is that part of the Chilli Pattern is missing, and when I find a link to the change I will post it for those of you who own the book and need a hand.

I also got some bullets from the Somme from a friend of mine, and maps of the trenches, but  thats a whole other story.

Now you lot clear up whilst I go dismantle Love Land

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