Thursday, 9 February 2012

Happy Birthday Dan!!

Today is my husband's Birthday, he has reached the grand old age of 26 (a whole 3 weeks before me, making him my sugar daddy!!) So today we went out for the day to celebrate. We normally go to a museum or attraction for our birthdays, but today was much more off the cuff because we didnt know if I had a day off until yesterday!! Today we went to Greenwich, and visited the observatory (you can thank Professor Brian Cox for that- and Dara O'Brein isnt getting off lightly either) and the National Maritime Museum

This is the Royal Observatory and the Meridian Line from the bottom of the hill

This is the view from the top of the hill, you can see Docklands from here, including Canary Wharf, and the Royal Navy College in the foreground. Bit of snow left but it actually wasnt that chilly.

The O2 from the top of the hill

So Happy Birthday to my Gorgeous Husband, and heres to many more!!


  1. Happy birthday Dan, heck I wish I was that young again. Actually I don't really.. :-) I plan to grow old disgracefully. Hope your lovely missus baked a cake

    1. thanks Cherie, I didnt bake a cake- I was being a bad wife that day LOL
      Im with you on the disgracefully- hence the lack of cake!!!!!