Monday, 26 September 2011

Brilliant Blogs and Incredible Ideas

Now, this week I have been putting out the Christmas cards at work. We have been putting this off for as long as possible, but this week we gave in. Half way through I was about to throw everything in the bin, but then it struck me. No not the extensive amount of cuddly santas we have, but the christmas spirit.

Yes, thats right, I am excited! So excited in fact it is very lucky that the Blattman is on nights or he would be subjected to almost as much excitement as Santa finally seeing the North Pole again after a long night shift. So, having organised my extensive handmade christmas list of knitted things, sewn things, even chutneys and spice rubs, I was ready. Ready to create and enjoy. And as you know, those things were coming along nicely. Then I looked again, and my whole list got longer. I can deal with that. And I should have learnt a thing or to then. But no, I clearly cannot learn, so I am sharing them with all of you in the hope of them inspiring all of you who havent decided yet, and those of you who have can suffer like I am!!!!!!!!!

So here is an amazing tutorial and in fact whole blog. Allsorts is an amazing blog and has so many ideas for every time of the year but I think she has Christmas down to a very fine art. Her pictures of her christmas trees are an instant inspiration and christmas wonderland. This advent calendar is made from felt and sewn.

Her blog has some amazing links for all kinds of sewing and papercraft patterns, and so many interesting posts. I am loving reading it. and her interior decoration is to die for. So pretty

Another link that I took from Allsorts was to another Blog by Jurianne Matter, and is for an amazing paper tree tutorial which looks brilliant on cakes. I am yet to play with this pattern but I am sure that I could make different sizes for the top of my christmas cake this year, and I know my sister will love this for her own cupcakes. They look pretty easy to make so I am sure everyone can have fun with these, and use all kinds of colours for all seasons

Now Disney has always been good to me. I in fact cannot wait for our trip in 2013, and my memories of our honeymoon are so amazing. So it was pretty obvious that there can be only one place to go for brilliant christmassy ideas for the whole family. The Disney website is brilliant for crafters and budding chefs alike and has so many brilliant ideas. Here is a link to the website for christmas ornament ideas. Just use the website to get to recipes and lots of other fantastic ideas.

Advent is most definately the most exciting 24 days of the year in my opinion so it is so important to me to have something fabulous to celebrate all those days. I have found a brilliant Flickr group for creative advents that are seriously not helping me focus on making things already on my list. Creative Advent Group. Seriously inspiring, I could spend all the days up to christmas just looking at those pictures!!
This paper bag one is probably one of my favourites and looks so easy and cheap to make.

And lastly, all my amazing sewing links recently are coming from a brilliant website where pretty much all the FREE amazing sewing tutorials can be found. Here at sewing stuff. Brilliant ideas, well thought out and laid out, easy to use and so very inspiring.

Sleigh safe all, it probably won't be long until I find something else fantastic to share with you!!!!

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  1. I love Christmas and make stuff year round to meet the lists I have.