Wednesday, 17 August 2011

I LOVE charity shops

Ok so I have had a tough week. The worst drs appointment ever, getting my house keys locked on my motorbike and my motorbike keys locked in the house, a data protection breach and the second week of Lactose Intolerance. Not me, but the Blattman, who we knew was intolerant before, just not to Lactose!!!
Today I decided to treat myself to a morning of cheap shopping, by which I mean Chatham. Chatham is not the nicest place on earth to go to, but it has a lot of pound shops and charity shops. So i was strolling up the high street, go into a charity shop to have a look for vintage knitting patterns as I always do, lean down to search through a basket of old magazines and what should I find??

Oh yes, the out of print Jean Greenhowe knitted toys from 1997, for the princely sum of £2. I immediately text my granny who would appreciate the excitement of finding a pretty much brand new copy of this book, paid my money and walked away with a big smile on my face!
Add to that a happy Blattman due to the fact I have just made Lactose free cakes and one little chef penguin hot off the needles, and I have had a good day

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