Saturday, 16 July 2011

Breakfast Set Pattern- Egg Cosy

Hope you are enjoying the tea cosy pattern, but if (like me and the blattman) you arent a tea drinker, fancy something a little bit smaller or just have chilly eggs, you might prefer an egg cosy. So here is the matching egg cosy pattern to go with the breakfast set

You will be needing-

Needles- 3.75mm
Yarn- 2 colours of DK yarn (use up your leftovers, you won't need a lot- in mine, yarn A is green and yarn B is pink)

Gt st- garter stitch (knit every row)
st st- stocking stitch (knit one row, purl one row)

Cast on 30 sts using 3.75mm needles in yarn A
Gt st 4 rows in yarn A
St st 4 rows in yarn B
St st 4 rows in yarn A
St st 4 rows in yarn B
St st 4 rows in yarn A
Cast off in yarn A

Making up
Fold the knitted piece in half with the right sides facing. Sew up the side seam. Leave the top open. Turn piece the right way around. Gather around the first row in yarn B from the top.

Hope you like the patterns and enjoy knitting them. Let me know if there are any problems or errors in the pattern.

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