Saturday, 7 May 2011

Kusudama Flower Balls

So this week Ive been looking at using old stuff up, as well as planning for my Mums wedding in the South of France next week. So since she went away on Wednesday, Ive had since then to plan all the surprises for her to take with me this Wednesday coming. All of which has to fit in a Ryanair sized hand luggage. Which for those of you not aware is smaller than everyone elses!!!

So good old Ravelry to the rescue as always, and no not knitting this time. Althought the cake topper is knitted, and a pattern to follow for that when I finish them up, dearest Mother needed some sort of flower. And with a little help from Cherie over here at I found a fab idea made from paper alone. I used this tutorial over at folding trees (among so many other tutorials) to make these amazing Kusudama flower balls. So easy and really beautiful. So beautiful in fact, not only does Mama have one, but also Granny and Me!!!! Green is for Grandma, and Bronze for mum to match her dress and one made from an old magazine for me.

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  1. Oh wow they are so beautiful. You must have worked for hours to make three.