Monday, 4 June 2012

Trash to Treasure

Hi Everyone!! Hope you are all well!! Happy Bank Holiday Monday!! I was at work today looking out at the rain and the chilly weather. Did I neglect to mention the fact that it is June? Ridiculous. I hope it is nice where ever you are. Where my mum is, it is 26 degrees and sunny. At a risk of being labelled repetitive- Ridicuous.

This post is all about our new Garden. Now we have lived in our house for 5 years this year, and slowly but surely we have been sorting it out. In this last year, a lot has been sorted. We have painted the study, the hallway, redone our living room and we have really been neglecting the garden. We have needed a new shed for quite a while, in fact it was very much leaning and the roof most definitely had a bit of a sag in it. We wanted a new plastic shed that was smaller and less spider infested!! So we found one, at a really great price, and set about sorting it out during the sun last weekend.

Here we go, here is the Blattman doing something he has been talking about for ages, demolishing said shed. It actually came down really easily and it took two trips to the wood skip at the tip to get rid of it.

This is the shed after it had been "Blatt-ed" I am so glad to get rid of it, and replace it.

He moaned about it, but actually really enjoyed doing it. I'm not sure he is going to be a shed demolisher full time but he loves the end result.

Now I am actually no good at demolishing. I am it turns out, pretty good at building them!! Hence no more pictures of construction!! This is what I was doing whilst he pulled the last one down. This is my muppet ba that I carry all my current projects in, and I was out on our patio knitting socks. Here are the socks, knit flat using a wrap technique for the heel, and the pattern is from Lets Knit Magazine Issue 28. I really enjoyed these socks, and they are knit in Patons Trentino.

Now this last photo is what the garden looks like now, from the inside, so it looks smaller than it is. I am inside because it was raining. A lot. The patio is not included. The Blattman has his new BBQ hot plate made from recycled bricks from our old heaters, and our fantastic new garden storage is in place. Now all we need is some lovely weather so we can  entertain!! Oh and please don't mention the word BBQ to my husband at any point unless you wish for an in-depth discussion about the new BBQ he wants. Bless him!! He can't wait for a new one, but he will have to wait just a little longer!!

Have a great day all!!

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