Thursday, 22 March 2012

Dyeing to be better!!

Ok, Blogging hasnt exactly been at the forefront, I think we can all tell that!! But I'm back and I have so many excuses reasons why I haven't been around.
Firstly it was my birthday. I am old for a second year in a row, and it does take me a little longer to get to the computer using the new zimmer. Im working on it. At least it could be that, could be the excessive number of nail varnishes I bought at the beauty bar at Stratford, and balls of wool blocking my path.
I was a very lucky bunny for my birthday, a new shiny ipod (my new love, sorry Blattman-you are still up there though), my kindle (not sure there is anything better than a free book) and a fabulous dyeing kit and some lovely yarn to dye too. Procion dyes in fact, a fab kit from Debbie at DT Craft. In my yarn kit dearest Ma put together for me was a little beauty involving Merino and Glitter- My mummy knows me so well. So watch this space everyone, dyeing will occur!! Oh and also I got one of these! my most favourite of all smells from Yankee. Lucky Girl! I also got my living room redecorated, pics to follow. My step-brother and the Blattman got on with that and got it all done in a day. Bliss!!

So I must have used all my luck up in February, because I am now recovering from a kidney infection which also meant I had to go and sample the hospitality at Maidstone General Hospital. Probably not a highlight, and to be honest, when they say Ice Cream, they lie. However, on the upside it was my mum and Dave's ladies night in Eastbourne last weekend so I got to party the weekend away, win on the horses (was there ever any doubt?) and spend lots of time with both my family and the Blattfamily too. And, even if I do say so myself, I dont scrub up too bad, even with a hint of infection about me!

Anyway all, Im back, and I promise to be better at blogging and sharing with you all. Ive got lots of knits to share with you all, and some new yarn- yay!! Oh and Ill get dyeing- hopefully not on my new rug!!

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