Thursday, 6 January 2011

Traffic Cone

Happy New Year!!! To celebrate, the first pattern of the year is my little traffic cone.

Here's the pattern

Needles- 3mm
Yarn- DK scraps, orange and white (i had a remarkably bright orange in my stash for this project, but who says cones have to be orange) and a strand of black for his face
Gauge- not really important, but make sure that the needles you use are smaller than those recommended to make a tight fabric
Other- tapestry needle, stuffing,

With orange yarn, Cast on 30 stitches
Starting with a Knit row, stocking stitch 2 rows
Next row: *k2tog, K8* to end (27 sts)
St st 2 rows
Next row: *P2tog, P7* to end (24 sts)
St st 2 rows
Next row: *K2tog, K6* to end (21sts)
Change to white yarn, St st 2 rows
Next row: *P2 tog, P5* to end (18sts)
St st 2 rows
Next Row: *K2tog, K4* to end (15 sts)
St st 2 rows
Next Row: *P2tog, P3* to end (12 sts)
Change to orange yarn, st st 2 rows
Next Row: *k2tog, K2* to end (9 sts)
st st 2 rows
Next row: *p2tog, p1* to end (6 sts)
K 1 row
Cut, leaving a tail of yarn to sew up, thread through the remaining 6 sts on the needle and pull tight. Sew up the seam of the cone, leaving the bottom open.

With Orange, cast on 15 sts
Garter stitch 25 rows
Cast off

Stuff the cone lightly (he doesnt need a bulge) and sew the bottom of the cone onto the base. Embroider the face onto the cone and you have a little traffic stopper. Hope you like him.


  1. This is adorable. I am a crocheter, but my Mom and Aunt will be getting copies of this to make for their grandkids. Thank you.

  2. This has been a great pick me up. Christchurch has had 3 big earthquakes since 3 September 2010. I have made cones as a form of therapy and up the end results on messed up desks. They are a cheerful reminder that there are 1,000's of road cones in our quake damaged streets.

  3. Great Blog!! That was amazing. Your thought processing is wonderful. The way you tell the thing is awesome. You are really a master